Contracts are tasks which you do for famous sailing personas. They usually require you to send some materials to the contractor. Contracts can be divided into two basic categories: regular and events (time-limited). To read the stories of the regular contractors, check out the Storylines.

Regular Contracts

Contractor No. of
Other Requirement
Columbus 10 7 Finish the third Exploration
Vasco da Gama 20 12 Finish the fifth Exploration
John Kendrick 40 35 Finish the eleventh Exploration
Amerigo Vespucci 60 40 Finish Vasco da Gama
Fernão de Magalhães 60 60 Finish Amerigo Vespucci
Isabella of Castile 40 70 Finish the fourteenth Exploration
Bartolomeu Dias 60 85 Finish Fernão de Magalhães
Francis Drake 60 100 Finish Isabella of Castile
John Fitch 40 100 Finish Bartolomeu Dias
Samuel de Champlain 60 115 Finish Francis Drake
Vasco Núñez de Balboa 60 130 Finish John Fitch
Isambard Kingdom Brunel 60 145 Finish Vasco Núñez de Balboa
Abel Tasman 60 160 Finish Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Willem Barentsz 40 175 Finish Abel Tasman
Margaret Hardenbroeck 40 185 Finish Samuel de Champlain
James Cook 50 200 Finish Margaret Hardenbroeck
Ivar Knudsen 50 215 Finish James Cook

Event Contracts


Month Event / Contractor Month Event / Contractor
contractor * contractor
contractor * contractor
Feb Aug
Mar Sep
Apr Oct
May Nov
Jun Dec


Month Event / Contractor Month Event / Contractor
Jan Land of tge Penguins
Polly Prescott
Jul Seaport's Odyssea (Greek)
Odysseus * Circe
Feb Chinese New Year II
Zheng He I * Ching Shih
Zheng He II
Aug Life on the Mississippi
Mark Twain I * Mark Twain II
Mar Sailor Bobeye
Bobeye I * Bobeye II
Bobeye III
Sep Fishing Event
Challenge * Santiago (I - VI)
Apr Titanic
Thomas Andrews * Molly Brown
Arthur Rostron
Oct Halloween 2018
Mina Murray * Jonathan Harker
Challenge * Transylvania
Hard Choice:
Abraham van Helsing or Count Dracula
May Jules Verne Nov Seaport's 3rd Birthday
Uncle Seaport * Rudolf Diesel
Jun Voyage of HMS Beagle
Charles Darwin I * Charles Darwin II
Emma Darwin I * Emma Darwin II
Dec Christmas 2018
Eva * Christmas Tree
Hard Choice:
Eva or Clara Barton


Month Event / Contractor Month Event / Contractor
Jan Treasure Hunt
Feb Pocahontas
John Smith * Pocahontas
Aug Pirate Event II
Anne Bonny * Mary Read
Rachel Wall
Mar Easter Event
Jacob Roggeveen I * Felipe de Ahedo
Jacob Roggeveen II * Felipe and Jacob
Sep Halloween 2017
Victor Frankenstein I * Monster
Bride * Victor Frankenstein II
Apr Oct
May Ancient Rome
Caesar * Cleopatra I
Cleopatra II * Octavian
Nov Seaport's 2nd Birthday
Uncle Seaport
Jun Black Ships
Matthew C. Perry I * Shogun Tokugawa
Matthew C. Perry II * Princess Kazu
Dec Christmas 2017
William Parry * Elisapee Shoofly
Elder Nanuq


Month Event / Contractor Month Event / Contractor
Jan Jul Great Storm
Henry Winstanley
Feb Chinese New Year
Ming Zhou
Aug Rum Event
Edward Vernon * Facundo Bacardi
Mar St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick
Apr Pirates
Blackbeard * Bartholomew Roberts
Oct Halloween 2016
Hendrik van der Decken
May Vikings
Floki * Erik the Red
Leif Eriksson
Jun Dec Christmas 2016
Charles Dickens * John Taylor