Contracts are tasks which you do for famous sailing personas. They usually require you to send some materials to the contractor. Contracts can be divided into two basic categories - regular and time-limited.

Regular Contractors:

Columbus - 10 Contracts, Required Level: 6

John Kendrick - 40 Contracts, Requires Finishing the first Exploration (level 25)

Vasco da Gama - 20 Contracts, Required Level: N/A, Requires Finishing Columbus

Amerigo Vespucci - 60 Contracts, Required Level: 40, Requires Finishing Vasco da Gama

Fernão de Magalhães - 60 Contracts, Required Level 60, Requires Finishing Amerigo Vespucci

Isabella of Castile - 40 Contracts, Requires Finishing the second Exploration (level 70)

Bartolomeu Dias - 60 Contracts, Required Level: 85, Requires Finishing Fernão de Magalhães

Francis Drake - 60 Contracts, Required Level: 100, Requires Finishing Isabella of Castile

John Fitch - 40 Contracts, Required Level: 100, Requires Finishing Bartolomeu Dias

Samuel de Champlain - 60 Contracts, Required Level: 115, Requires Finishing Francis Drake

Vasco Núñez de Balboa - 60 Contracts, Required Level: 130, Requires Finishing John Fitch

Isambard Kingdom Brunel - 60 Contracts, Required: Level 145, Completion of Vasco Núñez de Balboa

Abel Tasman - 60 Contracts, Required: Level 160, Completion of Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Willem Barentsz - 40 Contracts, Required: Level 175, Completion of Abel Tasman

Time-limited Contractors:

Ming Zhou (LIMITED) - Chinese New Year event

St. Patrick (LIMITED) - St. Patrick's Day event

Blackbeard (LIMITED) - Pirates event

Bartholomew Roberts (LIMITED) - Pirates event

Floki (LIMITED) - Vikings Event

Erik the Red (LIMITED) - Vikings Event

Leif Eriksson (LIMITED) - Vikings Event

Henry Winstanley (LIMITED) - Great Storm Event

Edward Vernon (LIMITED) - Rum Event

Facundo Bacardi (LIMITED) - Rum Event

Hendrik van der Decken (LIMITED) - Halloween 2016 Event

John Taylor (LIMITED) - Christmas 2016 Event

Charles Dickens (LIMITED) - Christmas 2016 Mini Event

Treasure Hunt - Contracts - Contracts available during the Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt - General Info about the event.

Pocahontas Event  Contracts

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Seaport's 2nd Birthday Contracts

Christmas 2017 Contracts

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[02/2018] Chinese New Year II - Contracts

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