Players are able to explore new lands on the world map and by doing this, uncover new destinations and even contractors. To explore a portion of the world map, you will need to send a specific number of sailors to a special "Explore" destination.

IMPORTANT: Below you can see the starting state of destinations, in order to see the statistics of leveled-up destinations check this page Destination Levels

Starting world map Edit

Worldmap default
Destination Material Crew Cost Time Bonus
SMALL TOWN Coin 10 5min x5
COASTLINE Coin 20 15min x15
GULF Coin 30 1h x50
RIVIERA Coin 60 8h x200
BAMBOO Wood 20 10min x7
FOREST Wood 40 8h x60
RUBBLE Stone 40 4h x16
BLACKSMITH Iron 50 1h x3
MARKET TOWN N/A 20 30min x1
Vasco da Gama
Amerigo Vespucci
Fernão de Magalhães?
Bartolomeu Dias?
Francis Drake?
John Fitch?

First exploration Edit

Required level: 35

Sailors: 500

Unlocked destinations:

John Kendrick / Tailor Destination

Second Exploration Edit

Required level: 38

Sailors: 550

Unlocked destinations:

Iron Mill (Iron 8h)

Rocky Mill (Stone 8h)

Third Exploration Edit

Required level: 40

Sailors: 600

Unlocked destinations:

Cave (Stone 1h)

Fourth Exploration Edit

Required level: 70

Sailors: 1000

Unlocked destinations:

Isabela of Castile / Vineyard (2h - Grapes)

Fully Explored Map Edit


Event Related Exploration Edit

Sometimes you can explore additional parts of the map for a limited time as a part of a special event. Such explored areas are temporary and will once again become clouded after the event runs out.

Treasure Hunt

Easter Event Exploration

Christmas Event 2017 Exploration

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