GemGems are a special currency, which can be acquired in limited amounts in the game and can also be purchased for real money. Below you will find the list of ways to acquire gems in Seaport for free.

The list is up-to-date as of April 14th, 2016.

For more information about any of the features lited below consult the following pages Category:Contracts Level-ups Achievements Event Achievements

One time rewards.

Grand totals

Without limited content: 5735 Gem
With limited content: 8208 Gem


Total Gem: 1665
Contractor Gem
Columbus 66
Vasco da Gama 120
John Kendrick 125
Amerigo Vespucci 245
Fernao de Magalhaes 256
Isabella of Castile 155
Bartolomeu Dias 150
Francis Drake 168
John Fitch 100
Samuel de Champlain 130
Balboa 150

Level-up rewards

Total Gem: 570
Levels Gem
1-50 50
51-100 95
101-150 75
151-200 165
201-250 100
251-300 185


Total Gem: 3400
Achievement Gem
Constructor 135
Crew Leader 230
Sea Tradesman 225
Seaworthy 180
Angler 260
Deck supervisor 225
Ship Collector 95
Master of Coin 230
Lumberman 260
Stonecutter 335
Ironmonger 340
Cocoa Trader 120
Mercer 40
Social Sailor 45
Ship Craftsman 200
Devoted Partner 170
Treasure Hunter 145
Wine Grower 40
Curator 65
Mechanic 60

Time-limited content

Total: 2473Gem
Name Gem
Ming Zhou Contracts 60
St. Patrick Contracts 111
Blackbeard Contracts 75
Bartholomew Roberts 165
Pirate Hat Achievement 25
Cannonball Achievement 30
Compensation for server downtime 50
Shields Achievement 35
Floki Contracts 38
Erik the Red Contracts 86
Leif Erikssen Contracts 105
Candles Achievement 40
Henry Winstanley I 47
Henry Winstanley II 84
Henry Winstanley III 95
Edward Vernon 53
Facundo Bacardi I 72
Facundo Bacardi II 95
Smuggler Achievement (Rum) 30
Halloween Achievements 70
Hendrik van der Decken contracts 220
Black Pepper Achievement 30
Cinnamon Achievement 30
John Taylor I 50
John Taylor II 75
John Taylor III 80
Forester Achievement 32
Wooden Pony 30
Winter Explorer 25
Treasure Hunt Achievement 30
Treasure Hunt Exploration 90
Pocahontas Event Contracts 190
Chocolatier Achievement 25
Bird Breeder Achievement 25
Gardener Achievement 25
Farrier Achievement 45
Rainbow Explorer Achievement 45
Luck Seeker Achievement 45
Easter Event Contracts 186
Easter Event Exploration 100
Florist Achievement 28
Statue Collector 23
Bunny Breeder 23

Some of the things above do not award gems directly, but award materials which can be traded for gems. The above list assumes that all of those are traded for gems.

Repeatable/Recurrent ways of getting gems

Whenever a regular Shipwreck appears on the map, there is a 30% chance it will be a special one, which contains materials that can be traded for gems on the market.

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