Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Contracts info
Contracts: 60
Voyage: 2h
Crew: 100 Crew
Ships: Sailing (1 slot)
Contractor requirements
Level: 145
Recommended: 160
Complete: Vasco Núñez de Balboa
SS Great Britain (Ship)

Isambard Kingdom Brunel FRS (9 April 1806 – 15 September 1859), was an English mechanical and civil engineer who is considered "one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history", "one of the 19th-century engineering giants", and "one of the greatest figures of the Industrial Revolution, [who] changed the face of the English landscape with his groundbreaking designs and ingenious constructions". Brunel built dockyards, the Great Western Railway, a series of steamships including the first propeller-driven transatlantic steamship (SS Great Britain), and numerous important bridges and tunnels. His designs revolutionised public transport and modern engineering. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about Isambard's journey in Seaport, check his storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Reward Xp
1 5,000 Stone x5 1,000 20,000 Fish 7,700
2 15,000 Coin x10 1,500 20,000 Wood 8,350
3 2,000 Crew 10,000 Stone 9,000
4 3,200 Iron x4 800 35,000 Coin 9,650
5 14,000 Fish x7 2,000 15,000 Stone 10,300
6 6,000 Wood x6 1,000 15,000 Iron 10,950
7 1,000 Grapes x1 1,000 55,000 Coin 11,600
8 6,000 Stone x5 1,200 30,000 Fish 12,250
9 2,500 Crew 30,000 Wood 12,900
10 20,000 Coin x10 2,000 20,000 Stone 13,550
11 4,000 Iron x4 1,000 40,000 Fish 14,200
12 9,000 Wood x6 1,500 80,000 Coin 14,850
13 21,000 Fish x7 3,000 25,000 Stone 15,500
14 1,100 Grapes x1 1,100 25,000 Iron 16,150
15 3,000 Crew 40,000 Wood 16,800
16 16,000 Stone x10 1,600 60,000 Fish 17,775
17 50,000 Coin x20 2,500 25 Gem 18,750
18 9,600 Iron x8 1,200 35,000 Stone 19,725
19 24,000 Wood x12 2,000 120,000 Coin 20,700
20 49,000 Fish x14 3,500 35,000 Iron 21,675
21 3,500 Crew 60,000 Wood 22,650
22 2,400 Grapes x2 1,200 80,000 Fish 23,625
23 20,000 Stone x10 2,000 45,000 Iron 24,600
24 60,000 Coin x20 3,000 100,000 Wood 25,575
25 11,200 Iron x8 1,400 100,000 Fish 26,550
26 30,000 Wood x12 2,500 45,000 Stone 27,525
27 4,000 Crew 160,000 Coin 28,500
28 56,000 Fish x14 4,000 50,000 Iron 29,475
29 2,600 Grapes x2 1,300 120,000 Wood 30,450
30 140,000 Coin x40 3,500 170,000 Fish 31,425
31 27,200 Iron x16 1,700 35 Gem 32,725
32 50,000 Stone x20 2,500 220,000 Coin 34,025
33 72,000 Wood x24 3,000 60,000 Iron 35,325
34 4,500 Crew 60,000 Stone 36,625
35 126,000 Fish x28 4,500 140,000 Wood 37,925
36 160,000 Coin x40 4,000 70,000 Stone 39,225
37 4,200 Grapes x3 1,400 220,000 Fish 40,525
38 32,000 Iron x16 2,000 290,000 Coin 41,825
39 84,000 Wood x24 3,500 260,000 Fish 43,125
40 60,000 Stone x20 3,000 75,000 Iron 44,425
41 5,000 Crew 160,000 Wood 45,725
42 140,000 Fish x28 5,000 100,000 Stone 47,025
43 180,000 Coin x40 4,500 85,000 Iron 48,325
44 4,500 Grapes x3 1,500 320,000 Fish 49,625
45 80,000 Iron x32 2,500 350,000 Coin 50,925
46 192,000 Wood x48 4,000 50 Gem 52,875
47 140,000 Stone x40 3,500 100,000 Iron 54,825
48 6,000 Crew 200,000 Wood 56,775
49 440,000 Coin x80 5,500 120,000 Iron 58,725
50 308,000 Fish x56 5,500 130,000 Stone 60,675
51 96,000 Iron x32 3,000 450,000 Coin 62,625
52 216,000 Wood x48 4,500 400,000 Fish 64,575
53 7,200 Grapes x4 1,800 140,000 Iron 66,525
54 180,000 Stone x40 4,500 600,000 Coin 68,475
55 8,000 Crew 160,000 Iron 70,425
56 336,000 Fish x56 6,000 160,000 Stone 72,375
57 520,000 Coin x80 6,500 300,000 Wood 74,325
58 128,000 Iron x32 4,000 500,000 Fish 76,275
59 240,000 Wood x48 5,000 1,000,000 Coin 78,225
60 8,000 Grapes x4 2,000 200,000 Stone 80,175


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 38,500 -38,500
Coin 1,585,000 3,360,000 1,775,000
Gem 110 110
Fish 1,050,000 2,200,000 1,150,000
Wood 873,000 1,170,000 297,000
Stone 477,000 870,000 393,000
Iron 391,200 910,000 518,800
Grapes 31,000 -31,000
Xp 2,178,000 2,178,000


SS Great Britain Ssgreatbritain
Level required:
Museum reward:
Steamship (2 slots)
792,000 Xp
Star2 Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 Reward 100 82
2 992,000 Coin 234,000 Wood 50 Mechanicalpart 115 110 90 132,000
3 1,488,000 Coin 351,000 Wood 60 Mechanicalpart 150 120 106 176,000
4 1,984,000 Coin 468,000 Wood 90 Mechanicalpart 190 130 130 220,000
5 2,480,000 Coin 585,000 Wood 170 Mechanicalpart 225 140 162 264,000
6,944,000 Coin
1,638,000 Wood
370 Mechanicalpart
680 Gem
792,000 Xp


# Story
1 Hello there, captain
Interested in cooperating on a big, revolutionary project? I could use a reliable partner. Show me the quality and speed of your ships by transporting some large cargo.
2 Initial investment
I see you are a master of an impressive fleet and your skills in commanding it are not bad either. If you are interested, we can get down to business. An investment for the start will be necessary.
3 Meeting the crew
I would also like to meet your crew. Good sailors are an important part of the sailing business. Don't worry, I will just ask them a few questions, it will be no interrogation.
4 Steam transport
Now let me explain what you are getting into. I have finished a steam railway across Britain not long ago. My dream is to extend the trading route across the Atlantic with a steamship service.
5 Ambitious plan
I plan to build a large steamship that would be able to cross the Atlantic only with the power of steam. This has never been done before. Come, I will tell you more while we eat some fish and chips.
6 Start building!
The ship will be built mainly from wood. This will be the longest ship ever built, so we will need a lot of material. But don't worry, we will start small with the outer structure.
7 Great Western
My railway is called Great Western and this will also be the name for this steamship. Let's have a drink on the good start of the works.
8 My first ship
I am a civil engineer and a mechanic. I have worked on tunnels and bridges before, but this is my first ship. Your experience will be invaluable on this project, captain.
9 Sailing secrets
Your sailors can help with the building process too. Their insight can improve the work of the men who will sail this ship. It should be possible to operate it with just a small crew.
10 Shipbuilders needed
However, sailors are no shipbuilders. We will need to hire some professionals for this. We need capable men for the hard work and I will oversee the building of the ship.
11 Important details
The hull of the ship is of wood but we will build iron reinforcements to maintain the keel's strength. This ship will be enormous and so must be constructed accordingly.
12 More materials
The reinforcements are done, but we will need more wood for the hull. We have barely finished half of it. I hope you are not tired yet. There is still a lot of work to be done.
13 You cook
Let's take a break today. I don't want to impose but I would like to eat some dinner on your ship. My wife is with her family and I am not a good cook. I will bring some fine wine and cigars instead.
14 Drinking too much
We have drunk almost all of the wine I had at home. My wife will be furious when she finds out. She doesn't like me drinking too much. I should find some wine to replace what we have consumed.
15 Enough rest
Back to work. We need to build four masts. The ship will be propelled by steam but in the case of need, she will have sails too. Call your sailors to help raise the pylons.
16 Destroyer
While the sailors have been transporting the beams for the masts they destroyed the statue on the square. We need to fix this. I don't want the police to find out.
17 Stock up on fuel
Everyone is afraid that there won't be enough free space for the goods when we take fuel for the whole voyage across the ocean. I will prove them wrong. But first we will need to buy a lot of coal.
18 Power of steam
The ship is looking good. Now to the essential part - the steam engine. The design is ready, let's just get the materials and let the mechanics do their job.
19 Fire!
A fire has broken out by the steam engine! Quickly get some barrels with water before the fire spreads out. We can't let our work go to waste.
20 Thankfully!
The ship is saved. But I have suffered some burns while trying to put out the fire. I won't be able to attend the maiden voyage. Will you take my place on the ship?
21 Maiden voyage
You will sail from Bristol to New York. Take your sailors with you. I don't know who could manage it better than your crew. Show them what a great ship we have built!
22 Overrun
You have missed the chance to be the first to cross the Atlantic by steam power alone by a few days. Still, I think this project was a success. This deserves a toast!
23 First shipment
Great Western is ready for her first commercial voyage. I have received a request for a shipment of marble to New York. We have no marble here, but you can surely get some.
24 No time to rest
I already have a new project in mind. I like working with you and I promise this business will be worth it, just like before. So join me, my friend. Just a small investment and we can start.
25 Sister ship
We are going to build a sister ship for our Great Western. She is so wonderful that we need more of her kind. But this time we will build a steamship completely out of iron.
26 Great Britain
Of course, we will need some wood. I still want masts for sails on the ship in case we run out of fuel. As for the name, I am thinking Great Britain might suit her.
27 Building big
This ship will be even larger than our first steamship. It would take years to build it with the workers we have. We will need some help of your sailors too.
28 Deserved feast
The work is coming along nicely. Your sailors have turned out to be pretty good shipbuilders too. I think they deserve some good food today.
29 Day off
We can even let them have a bit of wine today. They can take a day off tomorrow. But after that, it's hard work until the ship is finished.
30 Good investment
The building of this ship is much more expensive than I expected. But I am sure in the end it will be worth it and we will earn much more than we have invested.
31 Powerful propeller
I am researching a new type of propulsion for the ship. A propeller is more efficient than a paddle wheel. There are only a few ships using it now, but I think this is the propulsion of the future.
32 Different matter
My wife wants to have children and the house where we live now is quite small. I want to build a Manor in the countryside for us. Will you help me with this personal project too?
33 Green garden
The manor should be surrounded by a large park full of trees. My wife loves the green of the leaves. Can you get some oaks and maples?
34 Precaution
I am sorry to keep you away from the steamship project. I am just going to test the steam engine. We will have men with buckets of water at the ready. No surprise fire this time.
35 Aquarium
No fire broke out. But the buckets of water gave me an idea. We can make a large aquarium on the ship. It would be a nice decoration. I have already a large glass tank, now we need the fish.
36 Name of the ship
I have named the ship Great Britain. We only need to buy some equipment and she will be ready for her maiden voyage. This time I am going along too.
37 We are the first
We can set off on the maiden voyage. This will be the first iron hulled propeller-driven ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean. We are going down in history. This deserves a drink, I think.
38 Troubles on the way
We are going too slow and the weather seems to be against us. The crashing waves have already broken off two of the propeller blades. I will have to fix this once we get to New York.
39 More damage
A mast has broken away too. This storm is something I did not predict. But the Great Britain will endure, I am sure. Let's hope we will get to New York soon without any more damage.
40 In New York
The dockmaster promised to send us some guys to help with the repairs. He just wants some of the marble we delivered previously in return. The price for it is going up in the US.
41 All done
The repairs are finished and we are ready to return back to England. Let's take more sailors aboard. Hopefully, we can avoid any more accidents on the way back.
42 Back in Bristol
Another successful project is finished. Take some rest, captain. I am sure I will need your help soon again. Don't forget to thank your sailors for the good work. Treat them to dinner in my name.
43 Biggest of them all
I promised you another job, well, here it is. I have started to work on a design of a steamship that could sail to Australia and back without refueling. It will have to be enormous.
44 Consultation
I am still not completely sure if it would be possible to build such a titan. I must go talk it over with my friend who is a naval architect. You can come too, just bring a bottle of wine.
45 Great Babe
Once again, the main material will be iron. But this Great Babe will be more than twice the size of our last ship Great Britain. I hope your fleet can deliver all we will need.
46 Technical details
The ship will have four decks and six masts. Sails will be only an auxiliary power source. The main power will come from five steam engines.
47 Testing the capacity
She will be able to carry the fuel needed for a voyage from London to Sydney and back and still carry 4000 passengers. We will have to substitute the passengers with some cargo first, to test it.
48 Propulsion
Such a large ship will need not only a propeller but four paddle wheels as well. They are already constructed we just need to get the men to install them on the hull.
49 Expensive project
The cost of the five steam engines is higher than we have expected. But we need them all to power this large ship. We will have to get the money from somewhere.
50 Food rations
I have thought about the name for the Great Babe. How about Leviathan? Now to more pressing matters. I heard there are problems with the food rations for the workers. Can you do something about it?
51 More iron needed
All five engines need a funnel so we will have five of them too. It's time to start working on them. We will need a delivery of that quality iron you have shipped to us before.
52 Ship for all
The main structure is already done. We can concentrate on the furnishing of the inner areas. I have designed her as a luxurious ship, but there will be quarters for the less wealthy too.
53 Unknown name
The ship is ready to be christened. We will need a bottle of wine to break against the hull. Bring more of the bottles, I am sure we will have a use for them. I am still not sure which name to choose.
54 Launching
I have planned the launching a week from now. The tide should be high and it will help us get the ship into the water. But we will still need some equipment to haul her into the water.
55 On the third try
It took three attempts to get the ship into the water. But she is afloat at last. Now we can plan the maiden voyage. Are your sailors willing to help us with that again?
56 Ready to go
The first voyage won't be long but some food will be needed. Apart from that, we are ready to go. We have enough coal to start this maiden voyage.
57 Explosive troubles
We have hardly left the docks and one engine exploded. It blew off the first funnel and killed two men. We will have to pay something to their families. This should not have happened.
58 Fix the funnel
It was not a design mistake, just the steam exhaust remained closed and this caused overheating of the engine. We will have to fix the engine and funnel before the ship can sail again.
59 Overcoming obstacles
There is still some damage to the main deck and the inner areas around the engine. This should not take long to fix. We have already scheduled the first commercial voyage.
60 Good work, captain
Great Eastern is on its way to Portland. There is not enough trade with Australia to use it on the Eastern run. Nevertheless, our work here is done. Time to sit down and have a drink.
It was a pleasure working with you, captain. I will leave my second ship, the Great Britain, in your care. I know she will be in good hands with you.