Ivar Knudsen
Contracts info
Contracts: 50
Voyage: 2h
Crew: 120 Crew
Ships: Sailing (1 slot)
Contractor requirements
Level: 215
Recommended: 230
Complete: James Cook
MS Selandia (Ship)
Ivar Peter Bagger Knudsen (1 April 1861 – 23 March 1920) was a Danish engineer. As the director of Burmeister & Wain (B&W), Knudsen led the development of the MS Selandia, the biggest, most advanced diesel-powered vessel of its time. (Source: Wikipedia)


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Reward Xp
1 140,000 Coin x25 5,600 202,000 Fish 35,000
2 68,000 Wood x12 5,667 79,000 Stone 37,000
3 22,600 Iron x4 5,650 282,000 Coin 39,000
4 103,000 Fish x18 5,722 137,000 Wood 41,000
5 3,500 Crew 51,000 Iron 44,000
6 42,000 Stone x7 6,000 214,000 Fish 47,000
7 800 Oil x1 800 10 Gem 50,000
8 152,000 Coin x25 6,080 52,000 Iron 53,000
9 73,800 Wood x12 6,150 87,000 Stone 56,000
10 26,000 Iron x4 6,500 314,000 Coin 59,000
11 3,800 Crew 171,000 Wood 62,000
12 119,000 Fish x18 6,611 53,000 Iron 66,000
13 49,000 Stone x7 7,000 349,000 Coin 70,000
14 15 Fuel x1 15 10 Gem 74,000
15 180,000 Coin x25 7,200 259,000 Fish 78,000
16 30,000 Iron x4 7,500 80 Mechanicalpart 82,000
17 166,000 Wood x24 6,917 172,000 Stone 87,000
18 4,000 Crew 680,000 Coin 92,000
19 100,000 Stone x14 7,143 300,000 Wood 97,000
20 268,000 Fish x36 7,444 110,000 Iron 102,000
21 20 Fuel x1 20 10 Gem 108,000
22 62,000 Iron x8 7,750 484,000 Fish 114,000
23 399,000 Coin x50 7,980 200,000 Stone 120,000
24 199,000 Wood x24 8,292 120,000 Iron 126,000
25 6,500 Crew 850,000 Coin 133,000
26 128,000 Stone x14 9,143 382,000 Wood 140,000
27 1,200 Oil x1 1,200 15 Gem 147,000
28 363,000 Fish x36 10,083 260,000 Stone 155,000
29 86,000 Iron x8 10,750 110 Mechanicalpart 163,000
30 564,000 Coin x50 11,280 710,000 Fish 172,000
31 7,500 Crew 190,000 Iron 181,000
32 303,000 Wood x24 12,625 1,110,000 Coin 191,000
33 198,000 Stone x14 14,143 890,000 Fish 201,000
34 30 Fuel x1 30 15 Gem 212,000
35 711,000 Fish x54 13,167 710,000 Wood 223,000
36 9,000 Crew 1,500,000 Coin 235,000
37 179,000 Iron x12 14,917 470,000 Stone 247,000
38 1,032,000 Coin x75 13,760 240,000 Iron 260,000
39 307,000 Stone x21 14,619 1,180,000 Fish 273,000
40 545,000 Wood x36 15,139 1,710,000 Coin 287,000
41 2,000 Oil x1 2,000 15 Gem 302,000
42 852,000 Fish x54 15,778 280,000 Iron 318,000
43 11,000 Crew 580,000 Stone 334,000
44 207,000 Iron x12 17,250 930,000 Wood 351,000
45 1,433,000 Coin x75 19,107 1,540,000 Fish 369,000
46 423,000 Stone x21 20,143 360,000 Iron 388,000
47 45 Fuel x1 45 20 Gem 408,000
48 765,000 Wood x36 21,250 2,400,000 Coin 429,000
49 1,214,000 Fish x54 22,481 710,000 Stone 451,000
50 14,500 Crew 170 Mechanicalpart 474,000


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 59,800 -59,800
Coin 3,900,000 9,195,000 5,295,000
Gem 95 95
Fish 3,630,000 5,479,000 1,849,000
Wood 2,119,800 2,630,000 510,200
Stone 1,247,000 2,558,000 1,311,000
Iron 612,600 1,456,000 843,400
Mechanicalpart 360 360
Oil 4,000 -4,000
Fuel 110 -110
Xp 8,783,000 8,783,000


MS Selandia Msselandia
Level required:
Museum reward:
Motor ship (3 slots)
9,330,000 Xp
Star2 Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 Reward 130 195
2 10,842,000 Coin 2,548,000 Wood 83 Fuel 135 140 215 933,000
3 16,263,000 Coin 3,822,000 Wood 139 Fuel 180 150 254 1,399,500
4 21,684,000 Coin 5,096,000 Wood 278 Fuel 225 160 312 1,866,000
5 27,105,000 Coin 6,370,000 Wood 555 Fuel 270 170 390 2,332,500
75,894,000 Coin
17,836,000 Wood
1,055 Fuel
810 Gem
6,531,000 Xp


# Story
1 A Pleasure
So you are the captain that is going to help us construct the first commercial motor ship? I am the lead engineer of the project. Let's go for a cup of coffee before we get to work.
2 Burmeister & Wain
Our company, B&W, has been building ships for a long time. But using the new diesel engine as propulsion has been my idea. We will need to experiment with different materials first.
3 Primary material
We have built a lot of steamships. So I will start with the construction based on a steamboat first. The modern steamers are constructed mainly from iron, so we will work with that.
4 Another job
Apart from helping me with the construction, I will also need your assistance with handling the delivery of the food supplies to our factory. Our last supplier went bankrupt a week ago.
5 Tour of the fleet
Can I see your fleet and maybe have a word with your crew? I like to know the people I am doing business with. And I always get the best ideas by talking with others.
6 First model
After having a word with your crew I got a great idea for a ship design. I must make a model before I forget the details. Quick, get me some material I can use!
7 Oil delivery
This model shows the main parts of the ship. But the most important part, her heart, is the engine which will run on fuel made from oil. Let's get some in advance, we will need a lot of it for the test runs.
8 Business trip
Before we can even start the work we need to buy the design for the diesel motor. I like to arrange my business personally so let's go to Germany and visit Mr. Diesel.
9 German sister
The B&W has a sister company in Germany. Since we are already going there, we can take care of the next shipment of goods to our subsidiary. I am sure your fleet can handle it.
10 Meeting is tomorrow
I have arranged a meeting with Mr. Diesel for tomorrow. Today we can check the local market. Maybe there will be some things we can use for our motor ship.
11 It went well
The deal is sealed. I have obtained the rights for the diesel engine for my company. Now nothing stands in our way of constructing the first motor ship. Let's go back on one of your ships and get to work.
12 Free lunches for all
I might have jinxed it by being so enthusiastic. The factory workers are on a strike. We need them at work now. Let's give them some free lunches and hope they will calm down.
13 Issue resolved
The free food worked for now, but I think this situation is not completely resolved yet. Let's start the work on the ship before they go on strike again.
14 Dangerous experiment
I need to make some experiments with the basic engine before I can design one to be used in a ship. I will need some fuel for that. It's highly flammable, so please handle it with care.
15 Business partners
You are a good business partner so I decided to offer you a partnership on the project. It will require some financial investment at first, but it's guaranteed to pay back in time.
16 No funnel needed
I have made some designs about how to incorporate the diesel engine into the ship. We will make a few changes to the typical steamship design. For example, she won't have a funnel.
17 Save some money
We don't need to make the prototype too big. It will serve for testing purposes mainly, so let's finish the hull and decks with some cheaper material.
18 Assist me
Let's concentrate on the engine now. I need you here, captain, so leave your fleet in care of your sailors. I am sure they will handle it fine for a while.
19 First test
The ship is ready, now we just need to install the engine and get ready for the first test on the water. Please, prepare the dock for our newest ship.
20 Test failed
Well, the motor died after a few minutes. I will need to make some tweaks here and there. Just leave it to me and you handle the delivery of food for our employees. We need to keep their bellies full.
21 Fuel for our dreams
The design of the ship is good. I need to concentrate on the diesel engine now. We will have to make more test runs and that means we will need more fuel.
22 First order
The engine is working. And we have already received the first order for the diesel motors from a carriage factory. I must personally oversee the construction of the engines and you can deliver the materials.
23 Keep them happy
We can't afford any complications while we are working on an order from a customer. So let's get the workers a bonus so they will be content and concentrate on work.
24 Production finished
The engines are ready for transport to our client. But first, let's make sure they will endure the voyage without any harm. We will need a solid crate for each engine.
25 Celebrate success
The first delivery of diesel motors made by our company was a success. The client is happy and I am sure we can expect more orders soon. We are making a little celebration at the company, call your crew too.
26 New order
Let's get back to business! We got a contract for our first motor ship, and it may very well be the first seaworthy motor ship in the world. So let's get to work!
27 Volatile market
The East Asiatic Company ordered a large passenger-cargo ship with a diesel engine. The consumption of fuel will be huge even for the test runs. Let's buy some oil first, before the price rises.
28 Fishing problem
We have an unrelated issue. One of the fishing vessels we made has malfunctioned. I promised the client to send him some help, while we fix the problem. You do have some fishing vessels, right?
29 More materials
While you were away fishing, the works on the motor ship have progressed well. We are already ahead of schedule. The only problem is that we will soon run out of construction materials.
30 Lessons needed
We have had some troubles at the factory today. I think our workers need to be schooled properly in the construction of the new engine. It won't be cheap, but it is necessary.
31 Crew of the future
The motor ship will be able to sail with a smaller crew than an average steamship. However, the sailors will have to be schooled in how to handle the new equipment. How about a short course for the men?
32 Dual purpose
The ship will serve both as a cargo transport and as a passenger liner. So we will need to make some pretty cabins for the passengers and a large enough cargo hold.
33 Important details
The ship needs to be properly balanced so that when she is fully loaded she won't lean to a side. We must be prepared for a heavy cargo like marble or bricks.
34 Special discount
I promised to the client that we will take care of the fuel for the maiden voyage as a form of discount for the ship. She was not cheap, I will tell you. So let's get that oil processed.
35 Delivery of fish
I received a word from my friend who owns the canning factory. They just lost a few ships during a storm. Since you are such a great fisherman, you could help supply them with fresh fish.
36 Cleaning needed
The fish have left an unpleasant smell in the cargo hold of your ships. We need a bunch of men to clean it up down there before we use the ships to deliver more material for the motor ship.
37 Continuing the work
Now we can finish the captain's cabin and the main deck. We will need some more metal for that.
38 The ship Selandia
I have just got the message from the client. He has chosen a name for the ship. She will be called Selandia. Let's buy some paint to make her pretty and write her name on the hull.
39 Ready for the water
She looks perfect inside and out. We are ready for launch. There are still some details that will need to be completed later. But we can prepare the launching track and get her on the water.
40 Time for holiday
The ship is with her new owners and is getting ready for her maiden voyage to Bangkok. I have been invited aboard for the voyage. Have you ever been to Thailand?
41 Long voyage
You remember that special discount I promised our client? I did not expect the maiden voyage to be so long. We will need more fuel to cover the whole voyage.
42 Fuel for all
We have oil for the engine and now we need only food for the people. Then we can head out into the sea. The first stop will be in London.
43 Important visit
British Prime Minister Churchill will be visiting Selandia in London. Warn the men to be ready. Everything must be perfect. This is a chance to gain new customers from England.
44 Next stop Antwerp
Mr. Churchill was impressed with our ship. This promises a good future for us. Now we are full of passengers but we have still a cargo of iron to pick up at Antwerp. So let's get going.
45 The star of the port
The docking fee in Antwerp is horrendous. But everyone wanted to see the ship that does not smoke. We have got the people's attention for sure. And the investment will pay back in no time.
46 Full to the brim
Selandia is far more fuel efficient than the steamships and she can be operated with a much smaller crew too. That means we have more space for some additional cargo.
47 Sistership Jutlandia
The East Asiatic Company already ordered a sister ship for Selandia. I promised them the same deal as before, fuel for the maiden voyage for free.
48 Amassing materials
We can start looking around for the materials for Jutlandia, Selandia's sister ship. In Europe everything is too expensive, we can get the materials in Asia much cheaper. Let's make use of that.
49 No more stops
There is no stop planned until we arrive in Bangkok. Let's talk to the quartermaster and see if they have enough supplies for the voyage. We can always help them out a bit.
50 Motorized future
We have successfully arrived in Bangkok and the ship has proven herself. Let me thank you and all of your sailors too. Thanks to you we will be able to construct many motor ships in the future.
It was a productive time we spent together, captain. And here is the fruit of our work, MS Selandia. Take care of her. Goodbye!