Margaret Hardenbroeck
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 2h
Crew: 120 Crew
Ships: Sailing (1 slot)
Contractor requirements
Level: 185
Recommended: 200
Complete: Samuel de Champlain
50 Gem

Margaret Hardenbroeck (1637 – 1691) was a prominent and wealthy merchant in the colonial Province of New York. She inherited great wealth from her first husband after his early death, and later married another merchant and landowner, Frederick Philipse, who became 1st Lord of Philipse Manor. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about Margaret Hardenbroeck's journey in Seaport, check her storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Reward Xp
1 28,000 Stone x10 2,800 44,800 Iron 30,000
2 76,000 Coin x20 3,800 106,400 Fish 32,500
3 37,200 Wood x12 3,100 62,000 Stone 35,000
4 3,600 Crew 144,000 Coin 37,500
5 56,000 Fish x14 4,000 64,000 Iron 40,000
6 800 Grapes x2 400 96,000 Wood 42,500
7 23,200 Iron x8 2,900 128,000 Fish 45,000
8 84,000 Coin x20 4,200 10 Gem 47,500
9 32,000 Stone x10 3,200 144,000 Fish 50,000
10 49,200 Wood x12 4,100 75,000 Iron 52,500
11 4,600 Crew 184,000 Coin 55,000
12 61,600 Fish x14 4,400 88,000 Stone 57,500
13 1,600 Cloth x2 800 145,000 Wood 60,000
14 28,800 Iron x8 3,600 200,000 Coin 62,500
15 129,600 Wood x24 5,400 302,400 Fish 67,000
16 228,000 Coin x40 5,700 15 Gem 71,500
17 100,000 Stone x20 5,000 160,000 Iron 76,000
18 6,700 Crew 260,000 Wood 80,500
19 5,400 Cocoa x3 1,800 360,000 Coin 85,000
20 165,200 Fish x28 5,900 185,000 Stone 89,500
21 75,200 Iron x16 4,700 420,000 Coin 94,000
22 139,200 Wood x24 5,800 360,000 Fish 98,500
23 244,000 Coin x40 6,100 15 Gem 103,000
24 104,000 Stone x20 5,200 166,400 Iron 107,500
25 7,700 Crew 320,000 Wood 112,000
26 179,200 Fish x28 6,400 560,000 Coin 116,500
27 6,600 Grapes x3 2,200 225,000 Stone 121,000
28 89,600 Iron x16 5,600 450,000 Fish 125,500
29 160,800 Wood x24 6,700 640,000 Coin 130,000
30 252,000 Stone x40 6,300 20 Gem 138,000
31 664,000 Coin x80 8,300 300,000 Iron 146,000
32 10,300 Crew 640,000 Wood 154,000
33 492,800 Fish x56 8,800 350,000 Stone 162,000
34 14,400 Cloth x4 3,600 800,000 Coin 170,000
35 249,600 Iron x32 7,800 800,000 Fish 178,000
36 384,000 Wood x48 8,000 500,000 Stone 186,000
37 784,000 Coin x80 9,800 400,000 Iron 194,000
38 352,000 Stone x40 8,800 20 Gem 202,000
39 11,800 Crew 1,000,000 Coin 210,000
40 604,800 Fish x56 10,800 750,000 Wood 218,000


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 44,700 -44,700
Coin 2,080,000 4,308,000 2,228,000
Gem 80 80
Fish 1,559,600 2,290,800 731,200
Wood 900,000 2,211,000 1,311,000
Stone 868,000 1,410,000 542,000
Iron 466,400 1,210,200 743,800
Cocoa 5,400 -5,400
Cloth 16,000 -16,000
Grapes 7,400 -7,400
Xp 4,083,000 4,083,000


# Story
1 Good day to you
My name is Margaret Hardenbroeck. I am a merchant from New Amsterdam and I could use your help. Please, finish whatever business you have and then we can talk.
2 Businesswoman
Maybe you expected to talk with a man, that I am only an assistant. But no. I am the owner of the Hardenbroeck trading business. I hope you have no problem with that and that we can start our business.
3 Expanding
Good, I am glad that you are ready to work with me. I am running trading voyages back to Holland with my small fleet. However, the ships can't take all the cargo I buy anymore.
4 The terms
I will also need to hire your sailors to sail the ships. I hope that won't be a problem. I can pay for the ships and the men both. And you can accompany me on my voyages if you wish to.
5 Let's talk
I believe that a beneficial cooperation requires mutual trust. So let us get to know each other a bit. How about a dinner? Would you prefer your place or mine?
6 Home-cooked meal
It's nice to see you still have time for home-cooking. I am too busy taking care of the business to cook. These fish are truly tasty. A pity you don't have a matching wine to go with it.
7 Country of equality
In this age, it's hard for women to be independent. But not so in Holland. I can own a business myself. It's only trouble when I have to deal with the Englishmen. Last time we argued about a shipment of iron.
8 Family time
I have a husband and five kids. Sometimes it's hard to make time for them but I am doing my best. Actually, we are going to the fair tomorrow. You can join us if you would like.
9 Now to business
Let's talk business. Before we go on our first trading voyage we must build a new warehouse. We need a safe and dry place to store the goods. Our old warehouse has a bad roof and it is too small anyway.
10 Inspection
Now let's go have a look at my fleet. I want you to tell me what you think. I am a merchant, not a captain or a shipwright. So be honest, are my ships any good?
11 Meet my crew
We will make the adjustments as you suggested. After a little rebuilding, we can expand the cargo hold on each ship. Now let's talk to my crew. They are good men, even if some of them are missing experience.
12 Keep the tradition
Before a voyage, I always invite my crew for a meal at the tavern in the port. Helps build the good relations among us. How about we continue this tradition with you and your men?
13 Time to trade
Now let's get ready for the voyage. I like to go and sell the goods in Holland myself. I know the business best. We will take some pelts and cloth, and sell it in Europe. Then buy some local products.
14 Load up
The cargo is loaded. I will send for my luggage and we can sail out. If there is something you wish to trade in Europe too now is to time to load it up.
15 The Old World
Ah, I just love the Netherlands. I really like it in America but I miss my home sometimes. I am going to negotiate the trade and you just make the crates with goods ready for unloading.
16 In demand
I found the perfect olive oil from Spain for a good price. There is a high demand for it in New Amsterdam. But I did not manage to sell all our goods yet. I would be grateful if you could lend me a small sum.
17 Fix that warehouse
I did not manage to sell all our goods. We will have to store them in our family warehouse in the city. It is a bit run down, so we might have to fix it up a bit before we use it.
18 Their favorite place
Our ships are filled with oils, pins, and pans. We are ready to head back. I hope your sailors are waiting for us at the docks. My men sometimes forget themselves at the portside tavern.
19 Belgian chocolates
Before I forget, I must get something for my kids. I always bring them the chocolates from Belgium. They can make the best chocolate there. Usually, I take some for myself too.
20 Something's not right
Do you see those ships in the New Amsterdam harbor? That fleet is flying the British flag. Send one of your ships ahead and find out what is going on. Pretend you are a fisherman, just to be on the safe side.
21 Change in government
So the British have taken over New Amsterdam. I wonder what this will mean for me and my family. You have to claim to be the owner of these goods, captain. They won't accept a female merchant.
22 What matters most
Let's hurry to the city. I must go to my family and make sure they are safe. Please take care of the ships and cargo. Just take it all to the warehouses. I will return as fast as I can.
23 Everyone is safe
I will have to make some changes. I can't own or buy any property from now on, not even my own business. We will have to go to the notary and change the owner to my husband.
24 New life in New York
They even changed the name of the city. I would return to Holland but everything I have is here now. So we will have to adjust. First, let's build a wall around my house. It will make me feel safer.
25 Never give up
I decided to buy a new ship. Of course, in my husband's name but I will do the choosing and I will sail with her too. Let's go to the port and call your sailors too to help us with the selection.
26 This is the one
King Charles is a fine name for my new ship. Let's show the Englishmen that a woman can trade on an English ship too. I also want to buy some seafood since we are already at the pier.
27 Powerful persuasion
The ship is pretty expensive. Do we still have some of that French wine we bought in Europe? We might get a better price if we give the seller a little gift.
28 A bigger fleet
That worked out well. Now let's go inspect my new ship. I think the anchor looked a bit rusty but otherwise, she should be in a good shape.
29 Business as usual
Good, everything is ready for the next voyage. I have already enough pelts in my warehouses to fill all the ships. We just need some containers to keep them dry and clean.
30 Back in Amsterdam
At least here I am still a rightful merchant of my own, not just a secretary to my husband. I don't need you to go negotiate with me. Do your own business in the city, I know you have some things to sell.
31 Shopping time
This time, we managed to sell all the pelts we brought. Now it's time to fill our ships with a new cargo. Let's go to the market and choose some fine products.
32 Achoo!
I don't feel so good, captain. Maybe I caught a cold on the ship. Please make sure all the cargo gets loaded on ships. I must lay down for a while.
33 Home sweet home
I see you managed to load up everything. Now we are only missing some food for the way back. And then we can head home, I can't wait to be back in my warm bed with my kids around me.
34 Last cargo
I have purchased some fine silk cloth at the market. But the seller did not have all of it in the stall. Could you go to his shop and get it? I will wait for you on the ship.
35 Homesickness
This sickness made me realize that I need to start thinking about my successors. I also saw these wonderful pans on the market. I think I would like to spend more time at home cooking.
36 Back in New York
One of my older ships is starting to fall apart. You are good with ships, captain, have a look at her. Maybe she can be fixed. If not, I will have to sell her for scrap.
37 Leaving the nest
My daughters are slowly coming to the age to be wed. They grow up so fast. It is time to start saving up for their dowry. I will help them find husbands worthy of them.
38 Taking care of family
I was lucky to have had the chance to be an independent merchant. My daughters will have it much more difficult. But I will help them as much as I can. I will build a house for each one.
39 The successors
I think about my sons too. They will inherit my business from me. They already know the basics but now is the time they had a taste of the sailor's life too. Our crew could give them a few lessons.
40 It was a pleasure
It's not easy for a woman to take care of family and business both. But we are strong, captain, so never underestimate us. Let's hope there will come a time when everyone understands it.
It was good doing business with you, captain. Here is a small farewell gift from me. Hope you will enjoy it.