Gems are the luxury currency of Seaport. They can be purchased for real money or acquired in limited quantities in-game (check also the Free Gems Guide). They are also offered in Time Limited Offers

The following options of purchasing gems are normally available to all players. The table also gives price per gem and amount of gems per 1$, to give players better outlook which option is better to choose. The bigger the pack, the better the deal, in general.

Number of Gems Price ($)* Price Per 1 Gem Amount of gems bought with 1$
275 9,99$ 0.036$ 27.5
605 19,99$ 0.033$ 30.2
1650 49,99$ 0.030$ 33.0
4400 114,99$ 0.026$ 38.2

*The prices are given in USD. For people living outside the US, their regional equivalent will be billed. Check the currency rates before purchasing.