Ships can be sent to destinations in order to gain materials or coins, complete contracts, salvage shipwrecks, explore new lands, or simply bought for experience bonus.

Ships can be generally divided into types based on their purchase methods and stats, these are:

  1. Ships which are sold at 1st star and can be upgraded to 5th star with regular materials only.
  2. Ships which sold at 1st star and can be upgraded to 5th star with regular materials. Their prices are a lot higher than regular ships and at the same time they provide higher crew & capacity. Examples include: La Belle, Hoop
  3. Ships which are sold at 1st star for gems and can be upgraded to 5th star with regular materials.
  4. Ships which are sold at 1st star and can be upgraded to star 5 with regular materials. They also have 2 bonus stars (6th and 7th) which are available for gems only.
  5. Ships which are already at 5th star when purchased. These can be sold either for gems or regular materials. They are the most powerful ships in the game, crew and capacity wise.
  6. Scout ships, which have an incredibly high crew value and incredibly low capacity value. They are intended to help players with exploration and crew requiring contracts.

Below you will find lists of all the ships in the game, sorted by level at which they become available in the shop. The list of the ships will be given, but you need to open a separate page for details about their upgrades and statistics.

Regular Ships Edit

Ships (Levels 1-50)

Santa Maria, La Pinta, Zeehaen, Roland Von Bremen, Venetian, Griffen, Peter Von Danzig, Le Glasse, Hulk Sigmund, Caracca Atlantica, Sao Miguel, Handels, Genoesse, Sao Gabriel, Barbara, La Pensee, Sao Rafael, HMS Charles, Berrio, La Broderic, La World, Vasa, Nina, Santa Anna, HMS Unicorn, Husse, La Dauphne, Mary Aleyn, HMS St George, Halygast, Brederode, Wegiz, Mare Haybred, Margaret

Ships (Levels 51-100)

Saint Ive, Godisgrace, Fogel Grip, Gerome, Constant Warwick, Henry, Katren, Lyon, Barlamew, Swan, San Antonio, Cristofur, Santa Catarina, Horse, Anne Gallant, Princess Amelia, Olifant, Flor de la Mar, Lily, Preston, Trinidad, Couronne, Mary Rose, Golden Lion, Adler von Lubeck, Nantwich, Golden Hind, Ark Royal, Henry Grace Dieu, Engelen, Royal Charles, Repertago, Fairfax, Rainbow, Girmand, Sao Bento

Ships (Levels 101-150)

Grace de Dew, Eagle, Anunciada, San Juan Bautista, Victoria, HMS Endeavor, Antelope, La Belle, Bona Esperanza, La Belle, Torrington, San Esteban, Batavia, Squirrel, Madre de Deus, Elizabeth Jonas, Winsby, Santiago, White Bear, Derfllinger, Revenge, Mars, Taunton, Langport, Meag Delight, Dunbar, Great Michael, Friesland, Dainty, Duyfken, Don de Dieu, Repulse, San Martin, HMS Jersey, San Buena Ventura, Godspeed

Ships (Levels 151-200)

Mauritius, HMS Prince Royal, De Halve Maen, Laurel, Leopoldus Primus, Hoop, Sovereign, Mayflower, Nonsuch, Arabella, Sophia Amalia, Soleil Royal, Iveglia, Wapen von Hamburg, Resande Man, Oryol, Concord, Stora Kronan, Vergulde Draeck, Admiralitat, Gouden Leeuw, Royal Louis, Royal Katherine, Zeven Provincien, HMS Resolution, Charles Galley, HMS Devonshire, Assure, Ninfa, Railleuse, HMS Mordaunt

Ships (Levels 201-250)

Coronation, Hampton Court, HMS Valiant, Shtandart, Fortuyn, HMS Burford, HMS Sharke, HMS Scarborough, Zeewijk, HMS Centurion, HMS Looe, Le Vengeur, HMS Medway, HMS Terrible, HMS Hazard, Landskroon, HMS Fowey, HMS Surprize, HMS Invincible, HMS Monarch, La Renommee, HMS Culloden, Duc de Bourgogne, Algonquin, HMS Blenheim, HMS Falmouth, Guerrier, HMS Valeur, Meermin, HMS Helverson, HMS Mars, HMS Bellona, Junon, HMS Seahorse, Amsterdam

Ships (Levels 251-300)


SS Phoenix, SS Savannah, SS California, SS Britannia, SS President, SS Pacific, SS Shamrock, SS Baltic, CSS Nashville, SS Arabia, SS Steamer, SS Great Eastern, USS General Brigg, SS Arctic, SS Central America, USS Rhode Island, CSS Robet E. Lee, USS Maratanza, Furst Menschikoff, CSS William G Hewes, SS Sirius, USS Fort Jackson, SS Xantho, SS Thistle, PS vernon, USS Banshee, SS Agamemnon, USS Bat

Event Ships Edit

Ships introduced together with time limited events are only available in the shop until the time of the event runs out. Once purchased, they can be used indefinitely by the players.

Ships from the current event:

Seaport's Odyssea Ships

Ships from old events:

Beagle Ships

Verne Ships

Titanic Ships

Bobeye Ships

Chinese New Year II - Ships

Chinese New Year - Ships

Pirates - Ships

St. Patrick - Ships

Vikings - Ships

Great Storm - Ships

Rum - Ships

Halloween - Ships

Christmas 2016 - Ships

Treasure Hunt - Ships

Pocahontas - Ships

Easter Ships

Ancient Rome Ships

Black Ships

Panama Canal - Ships

Pirate Event 2 - Ships

Frankenstein's Monster Event - Ships

Seaport's 2nd Birthday - Ships

Christmas 2017 - Ships

Land of the Penguins - Ships

Chinese New Year II Ships

Contract Ships Edit

Some ships can only be acquired through contracts.

You can find the list of those ships here: Contract Ships

Special Ships Edit

Some rare ships are not strictly event related nor contract related. As of now, all such ships are acquired through level-related time limited offers.

See the list here: Special Ships

Ship Merchant Edit

Read about the feature here: Ship Merchant