Upon reaching level 20, players will start seeing shipwrecks on their maps. By sending a ship to those special destinations, players can receive a special reward. This can be done every 22 hours.

The rewards are based on the player's level.

The rewards do not seem to be based on the crew/capacity of the ship, so any ship with more than 95 crew will work for the purpose of colleting treasures from shipwrecks. (Need more research possibly)

Collecting treasures from shipwrecks also progresses the achievement "Treasure Hunter".

Possible treasures available in the shipwrecks
Material Chance to get
Coins 22%
Fish 22%
Wood 20%
Stone 18%
Iron 18%

Apart from materials, players will also (always) receive experience reward, based on their level.

New addition on 1st November: Additionally, there is a 30% chance that players will receive special warehouse materials, which can be traded for gems at the market.

The crew cost of salvaging a shipwreck will vary depending on the player level. Lower level players who may have difficulties finding proper ship, are encouranged to buy 'La Pensee', a scouting ship with extremely high crew but very low capacity.

Level Crew Cost
21-25 15*
26-30 20*
31-35 25*
36-40 30*
41-45 35*
46-50 40
51-55 45
56-60 50
61-65 55
66-70 60
71-75 65
76-80 70
81-85 75
86-90 80
91-95 85
96-100 90
101-110 95
111-190 100
191+ 105

* Figures for levels below 50 were reconstructed on the basis of the other numbers gathered from people in a public poll. It's possible there are some irregularities, for which it was not possible to account this way.

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