Overview Edit

Introduced on the 12th of January 2016, Social Contracts are the first way players can interact with each other in Seaport. The feature has a similar formula to that of the in-game Contracts[1].

Requirements Edit

In order to participate in the Social Contracts system you will need:

  • Level 15
  • Town Hall Level 4
  • Lighthouse (Building)

After leveling the town hall to level 6, players will be able to upgrade their lighthouse to level 2. This will allow for 2 contracts per day.

Additionally, from that point onwards players will be randomly rewarded coins or experience points for fulfilling a contract. There is a 50/50 chance to get either of them.

The Procedure Edit

A social contract will appear on the world map every 24 hours for people who fulfill the aforementioned requirements. Currently only 1 social contract is available per day and the spawn time is set to 10:00 (Central European Time)[2]

After finishing the contract, both players will receive a share of trade.

Shares from incoming contracts can be collected by clicking on the lighthouse building in your port. A green clickable exclamation mark will appear near the lighthouse, if there are new incoming contracts available to collect.

Frequently Asked Questions Edit

Q: How do I start participating in the system of Social Contracts?
A: After reaching level 15, and advancing Town Hall to Level 4, purchase the lighthouse building.

Q: How do I make a contract for others to complete?
A: You don't. The game makes the contracts itself. It's impossible to influence the details about contracts. Everything happens automatically.

Q: I bought the lighthouse but I'm not getting any incoming contracts, what's happening?
A: You probably need to add more neighbors, the more of them you have, the higher chance of getting more incoming contracts

Q: Is doing Social Contracts worth the time and resource for the experience?

A: Yes, it gives good bonus experiences daily when competed, compared to normal ship voyages experience earned.