List of additions:


-Town Hall Level 6

-House Levels 9, 10

-Sawmill Level 12 (seems to be the final one)

-Foundry Levels 6, 7

-Quarry Level 12 (seems to be the final one)

-Warehouse levels 9, 10

-Fishing Pier levels 12, 13

-Main Dock Levels 11, 12

One more house and warehouse is available at level 6 T. Hall.


-Halygast (Limit 2)

-Ark Royal (Limit 1)

-Margaret (Limit 1)

The limit of Sao Gabriel has been increased to 2 (from 1).


-"Blacksmith" destination added - gives iron

-The production bar is slightly different now

-Level cap has been increased to 100

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